Saturday, 17 September 2011

My Junk Guitar - bake 1 - paint job

Been lacquering and waiting for it to cure.

In the end I went with a chocolate brown and sealed the gold flakes with clear overcoat.
not a great shot - i hoped the flash would make the gold sparkle more.

I gave the pick up shell, volume knob, bridge screws and tuners an ivory coat - the pure white was too harsh. The ply body has been bound with a few layers of wood banding tape and sealed with more clear lacquer.

first assemble

Though part of me thinks the natural wood had its charms, I'm quite pleased with the results - just the right amount of cheese. I'm happy how the logo turned out - bent from wire and sealed into lacquer.

The name is "Daizo". The "zo" coming from Z0-3 - the source of the neck, and the "dai" meaning big. However combined this way, they sound like "Daiso" which happens to be the name of a very well known 100yen store (dollar/under a pound store). A fiiting tribute to the 'build it cheap'.

The volume knob came from a tube of toothpaste. It has a nice 'tri-star' thing in the center.

Finally, here's a shot of the horrors lurking beneath the facade. I still need to make a cover to go over the electronics.

I've discovered the lacquer could have done with more curing as it's rippled in a couple of places under pressure from attaching things. I'll likely take it apart and touch it up.

Hopefully I can post some sound or video files shortly.