Monday, 5 December 2011

Rotary Speaker - update

Some update on the rotary speaker project.

I finished the enclosure and decided it needed covering.

Blue vinyl table cloth.

Control panel - photoshop, printed on paper and laquered onto box.

I need to clean up the front a little. I have a temporary plastic grill in there until some wire mesh comes my way.

It's looking a bit 'Toys 'R' Us'.

I need to wire a socket for the power supply. The pot on the back sort of fine tunes the speed. One control would be better, but until I can build a proper speed control, this allows slower speeds. I did build a very simple PWM circuit but the motor actually makes too much noise as it pulses on and off. so either I need a more sophisticated circuit, or an enclosure to silence the motor? Anyway, at this stage it works as required, so aside from a few cosmetic jobs, it's more or less finished.

Audio/video to follow

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